Philosophy of Teaching

My philosophy of Teaching

 I believe all students can learn

I believe in differentiation

I believe in an inclusive classroom

I believe in assessment reflecting how students learn

I believe in strengthening both strengths and weaknesses

I believe in treaty education

I believe in a safe classroom environment

I believe in caring about students

I believe that every student is capable of learning, but, not all students learn in the same ways. Students learn in different ways and at different rates. Therefore, I believe in differentiation. It is up to me as a teacher to accommodate the different ways in which students learn. I do not believe that students only learn in one way, rather, I believe each student learns in multiple ways. Not all students are at the same level, I believe in accommodating students who are at a higher level in a subject, and those who are at a lower level. Both the formative and summative assessment should reflect the different ways in which students learn.

I believe in an inclusive classroom. Students should not be removed from a class just because they are different. That being said I do not believe in putting others at risk in order to keep certain student in a class. Students who are truly violent and truly a risk to others need other accommodations. I do not believe in removing supports from students who need it. Having an inclusive classroom is not an excuse to redirect funding.

I believe that each student learns in multiple ways, however, they do have strengths and weaknesses. It is up to me as their teacher to encourage them to use their strengths when necessary, but to also strengthen their weaknesses. If we only ever allow students to use their strengths, their weaknesses simply get weaker and weaker. Strengthening our weaknesses is part of education. Education should be well rounded and balanced.

I believe in treaty education. We live in Canada and we must acknowledge both the past and present situations in our country. I believe that by the time students leave High School, they must know about treaty rights and promises, about residential students, and about contemporary treaty issues. Treaty education is not for “them” it is for all of us and it is important. There is not excuse for students not to have this information.

I believe in having a safe classroom environment. Keeping students safe is one of the most important aspects of education. Students should feel safe at school, schools need to be free from the threat of physical violence, and free of any sort of abuse. Teachers and students should both be held accountable for the physical and emotional safety of students.

I believe in caring about students. Students come into our classrooms expecting to learn. It is up to us to care about wither or not they are learning. We must also acknowledge that students have other things going on in their lives. Sometimes school is the last thing on a students mind, we need to care about them and make them feel safe.

1 Response to Philosophy of Teaching

  1. I love the way you’ve set up your philosophy around your core beliefs. However, I wonder if you could incorporate the belief statements at the top into the paragraphs below (as topic sentences, maybe), in order to make the whole thing flow more smoothly. Love that treaty education is addressed here – this will set you apart!

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