The Last Day

Pre-internship was a wonderful, educational experience. I was sent to a school that had an unbelievable atmosphere. The students where polite, caring, and for the most part engaged in their learning and other school activities. The teachers at the school truly care about their students. I can honestly say that if I had a child I would want them to go to this school.

During pre-internship I was fortunate enough to work with three different teachers, in three different classrooms, and with students in all four grades. I feel incredibly grateful for the experience. I was able to figure out what kind of classroom I am most comfortable in, and I was also able to figure out what my skills are, and what I need to work on during internship. I had two different teachers fill out IPP’s for me, an official one from my cooperating teacher and an unofficial one from another teacher. It’s funny how different they look. The only part that looks remotely similar is the section on classroom management.

Classroom management is going to be an area that I will have to work on during internship, I need to find a way of being authoritative in the classroom that suits my personality. I also need to work on assessment and using different kinds of assessment. During internship in the fall I think my main goals will be incorporating treaty education into my units, meaningful assessment, and classroom management.

I also found that I have some strengths. I am good at building a positive student-teacher relationship. I am good at communicating with students and making them feel safe in the classroom. I think students feel comfortable with me as their teacher, and they trust me.

On my last day in the classroom I asked two of my classes to write me something on “I like Miss Parker as a teacher because…” and “I do not like Miss Parker as a teacher because…” I promised the students that no matter what they wrote me I would not cry.

I took their notes home, read them, and I almost lied, I almost cried. Their notes where unbelievably kind. They liked me as their teacher because they thought I was patient, kind, funny, and cared about all of them, even the shy ones, I never yelled or got mad at them and that made them feel safe, and they felt that they really learned something.

When asked to write about what they didn’t like about me as a teacher, many wrote that they didn’t like me because I was leaving, and my leaving made them sad. (and them being sad, made me sad).

I am going to miss pre-internship. It was a lot of fun and I can only hope that internship will be an equally positive experience.

About parker8a

I am a university student working on two degrees. One in Education, with a major in social studies and a minor in religious studies. The other is in the Arts with a major in history. I'm close to finishing my degrees, and I can't wait to start teaching.
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  1. Wow! I am very glad to hear that Ashley! I’m sure the students will miss you very much. I had a similar experience today and I just really want to stay teaching. Can we do that?

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