Pre-internship update

I still feel like I am learning, I’ve been having so much fun. I did not realize how much “homework” I have been doing until last night. It’s been at least 5 to 6 hours each night. Apparently the work was interesting enough that I did not notice the time fly by. I’ve been teaching two christian ethics 9 classes per day, a law 30 class, and History 10.

Some lesson plans took longer than others, but I tried to put equal effort into each class. Christian ethics was a good learning experience, the classroom environment there is like the one I hope to create in my future classrooms. Teaching the same class twice in a row was useful, if I didn’t like how one lesson turned out I could change things that did not work. I tried different things in that classroom. Somethings work out some don’t but thats part of the learning

In law30 I tried lectures, debate, and case studies. I found out very quickly that I needed to be careful about which cases I used. Students need to be able to relate to the studies, and the cases need to make sense of them. Otherwise they get either bored or frustrated very quickly. They do not need to agree with the side I give them in debate, but, they do need to be able to relate to the cases.

My favourite lesson plan from History ten was one I did with BYOD (Bring, Your, Own, Device). I created a powerpoint that had red blanks, or words in red. Students could use their devices to find the answer to the blank, or the definition of the red words. There was a prize for the person who got the correct answer first. I did not tell them there was a prize, until after the first person answered a question, then I simply walked by and placed a prize on his desk. They answered the next question very quickly and the whole class was engaged in the activity. There are changes I would make in the future for an activity like this, but, I will use it again. Unfortunately creating this lesson was pretty time consuming.

I was not sure if I wanted to remain in education before this experience, but after my time at the High School  I am sure that being a teacher is what I want to do.

About parker8a

I am a university student working on two degrees. One in Education, with a major in social studies and a minor in religious studies. The other is in the Arts with a major in history. I'm close to finishing my degrees, and I can't wait to start teaching.
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2 Responses to Pre-internship update

  1. jeremycroshaw says:

    I really like the idea of letting the students use their own devices. I am always hesitant to implement such a thing because of all the monitoring I think I would need to do. What sort of things would you change to this lesson plan and do you think it could work without giving out a prize every time?

  2. parker8a says:

    I agree the devices always worry me a little bit, I try to walk around as much as possible during my lessons. Sometimes students get off task and end up playing games or taking selfies. For the most part, however, they stay on task and try not to loose their privileges.
    Next time I would only put one question, blank or highlighted word up at a time. Otherwise some students jump ahead and miss information.
    I think it would work without a prize in most groups, this particular class had many shy students, giving them a prize was good for motivation, and pushed some out of their comfort zone.
    That being said, I don’t think I would need to give out prizes to them the next time.
    Thank you for commenting.

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