Treaty Education Project Reflection

We recently took a look at treaty education in our subject areas, something I feel passionately about. Treaty education is important for First Nations and Non-First Nations students alike. It is something that is relevant to Canadian society and is a key part of our history. Treaty education should not be ignored. For our assignment we took a look at the Treaty Essential Learning’s (TEL’s), the Saskatchewan Treaty Outcomes by grade level, and at a particular piece of curriculum. My partner and I chose to do our assignment on Social studies 20, and made connections to the individual units; Human Rights, Population, Environment, Wealth and Poverty, and World Governance. We also came up with examples that could be taught in class that hit outcomes from the curriculum, the TEL’s, and the expected grade 11 Treaty outcomes. This project also included a lesson plan and a Treaty resource package.

I liked this project, it is something that I believe well be useful during Internship. I really feel strongly about including Treaty education and Aboriginal perspectives into my teaching, therefore, it is useful to me to practice this in a controlled environment. As a Social Studies Teacher it is even more important that I include treaties in my teaching, however, this is proving to not always be as easy as I want it to be. It might be easy to find something that connects the curriculum to Treaty outcomes; it is more difficult to make sure that this is done in a way that is meaningful and respectful. Teachers in other topic areas are going to of course find this much more difficult, but it is mandated by the province and it is important.

Feedback is essential; one thing that I need to work on is differentiation. Students have different needs, and as a future educator I need to make sure I am capable meeting the education needs of my future students. One thing that I took from this assignment is that I need to work on adaptive dimensions. The differentiations that my partner and I did include in our project were: using three different reading levels in the handouts, allowing time for discussion for oral learners, and finding a video for students who needed one.

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I am a university student working on two degrees. One in Education, with a major in social studies and a minor in religious studies. The other is in the Arts with a major in history. I'm close to finishing my degrees, and I can't wait to start teaching.
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