Pre-Internship goals, and such

So pre-internship starts next week, and I am more than a little excited.  I am so curious about how it is going to go (good I hope) and what I am going to learn from the experience. I have many goals for pre-internship, three in particular I would like to give special attention to.

First I hope to work on my classroom management skills. In my previous field experiences I was in elementary schools, these were great experience, but I was only in the classroom for half a day per week. I feel that the students in these classrooms may have been on their best behaviour during those times. I don’t remember having any issues with classroom management during these experiences. I do not think that students well be on their very best behaviour during my three weeks in the school this term, so hopefully I’ll get some practice and figure out what works for me before internship.

Second I want to practice incorporating Treaty Education into my teaching. I think this is incredibly important, and I want to practice doing so while I have someone more experienced to collaborate with. I also feel like feedback from both my cooperating teacher and field partner will strengthen my skills in this area.

Thirdly I want to work on differentiation. Like treaty education, I think this is important for all students. Some students are going to excel and well need differentiation to keep them engaged and actively learning. For students who are behind in school (or just have specific weaknesses) differentiation can help address this in order to help these students learn. In any case differentiation should be used to strengthen both a students weaknesses and to allow them to use and improve their strength. It should never be used to avoid things that a student is bad at, rather to supplement their learning and to make improvement possible. ( on a side note, it is important to pay attention to your students in the middle, and not to forget to play up their strengths and work on their weaknessess)

Although, I want to give these three goals special attention during pre-internship I do have many more. I want to find out where my own strengths and weaknesses are. So that I can use my strengths when I need to and work on improving my weaknesses during internship next fall.

Some minor things that I know I’ll need to work on are;

Not playing with my hair, clothing, or jewelry, as this is distracting and somewhat unprofessional

Not saying like, or um, or however too many times. Or any other strange words I use as a verbal tick without realizing

Working on time management skills and giving manageable directions

And last but certainly not least I need to SLOW down while talking. I have no idea how people understand me when I’m nervous and or excited, oh and I could probably learn to speak up a little without yelling because I seem to only have two volumes lately. Quite and too loud. (this I could probably work on in general, and I am sorry to my classmates, thanks for putting up with me)

About parker8a

I am a university student working on two degrees. One in Education, with a major in social studies and a minor in religious studies. The other is in the Arts with a major in history. I'm close to finishing my degrees, and I can't wait to start teaching.
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  1. Ashley – great goals here – I am especially happy to see that you’ve listed treaty education as an area to work on. I’ll be curious to hear how much exposure to treaty ed your students have had previously, and whether your co-op focuses on this area. Good luck!

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