Differentiated Instruction in the classroom

As teachers we all want our students to succeed.  Differentiated Instruction allows us to help each student be successful. It’s all about doing what is best for the students in our classrooms, it forces us, as future educators, to acknowledge that our students are not going to learn in the same ways that we do. We make decisions in our classrooms on what we are going to teach, and how we are going to teach. Differentiated Instruction allows us to meet the needs of our students and to teach in ways that allow our students to learn.

Each student learns differently, we must treat them as individual people, not as a number in a classroom. This should be both challenging and rewarding. Teachers want (or should want) their students to be successful learners, therefore we have to address their individual learning needs. My concern with differentiated learning is that as a future high school teacher, I wont be able to get to know the learning needs of all my students. I want all my students to come out of my classroom feeling like they have learned successfully and that their learning needs have been met, however, I fear I will fall short of my own expectations.

So my question to current teachers is this: How do you work Differentiated Instruction into your classrooms, what does this look like in real life?

To my fellow pre-service teachers, how do you think this is going to operate in your classroom? Are you nervous like I am, a little skeptical, or super excited to get started?

About parker8a

I am a university student working on two degrees. One in Education, with a major in social studies and a minor in religious studies. The other is in the Arts with a major in history. I'm close to finishing my degrees, and I can't wait to start teaching.
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1 Response to Differentiated Instruction in the classroom

  1. Karen Cooper says:

    All I know is this…you have demonstrated differentiated instruction to two challenging students. You have made them feel safe, that they matter and more importantly that they are smart! Never mind that they are furry, pee on the floor and “talk back” because of your patience and love they are fully devoted for more lessons when you walk through the door! You’re a great teacher!

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